$IBIO A brief word/lesson to the "free shares" crowd constantly pissed C-suite and board gets stock options. 1) If you are willing to work for free especially when your job is predicated upon 6-10 years of college plus level schooling, 10-20 yrs of demonstrated success in prior endeavors, and knowledge in a field that has to overpay for top level talent because it is so hard to find, then good for you but you are a moron. 2) 2 brief examples of how/why stock options for these positions are BENEFICIAL for stockholders: Brenner was making 888k per yr (plus benies) at Pfenex as their CSO and Eef as CEO was making 1.8 MILLIION (per year). We are paying Eef 40k per yr which is a joke. He gets 100k stock options. Ergo the only way he remotely gets within spitting distance of his prior salary/what he is used to is if the stock explodes. Ditto Isett with major decrease in salary (way below average and median biotech CEO pay) and 3 million stock options. Use your brains for 2 minutes guys!