$XELA I am reposting this from late yesterday. XELA stocks are GOLD now, and here is why: Everyone needs XELA shares right now. Shorts to cover, whales to accumulate, right. But whales' problem to aggregate more now is the same that shorts have. Meaning, actual stocks changing hands are few !! and every attempt from whales to buy big will induce a price rise. So what they're doing is buy small while keeping the price low, right? And that has to stop at one point. They can't keep it down forever. And when the launch starts, we will either see huge immediate jump, which is going to keep the price at very high level after some drops like GME where they will either capture the shorts for long or massacre the shorts, or in the second scenario at one point XELA will start rising steady and in 10-15 days span will reach new 7+ or 10+ range. I think that with the entering prices of institutions, squeeze is much more profitable for them, but I am not giving up the "slower" scenario.