$XELA Reposting: All institutions entered XELA at 2.30+ including Goldman Sachs which is slightly below 2$ in average. They aggregated the stock to make huge profits in next 3-6 months, like they usually do (regular time frame). These institutions are rock solid counterweight to the shorts trying to bring it down below. That we already saw is impossible. Don't underestimate the fact that Corona has changed the world and the way the business is managed. XELA has much room to grow especially with new markets and cheap engineering staff they are using from emerging countries, who are very skilled at much lower cost. That is giving huge advantage to XELA over DocuSign, Adobe or other western based companies in business cost reduction and services pricing. They already offer more than double cheaper services and subscriptions, while increasing the profit margins. That is definitely a WW for XELA and I think lots of institutions already figured out, but some "shorts" can't LOL