@haarteng I meant no date of when it was blocked of trading. The whole world knows oil trading was halted during the april roll over. USO - an oil exchange-traded fund that's wildly popular with traders - has been cut off from buying oil futures contracts after a surge in volatility saw oil prices turn negative last month. This is further suggesting this author is an idiot talking about this a month later as if it happened today! and you are quoting it like people need to run for their lives, you should be more responsible, it’s peoples saving at stake!
@adeelw I’m being responsible, it’s my savings at stake here too. I had a brilliant option play going on, up 125% already. I sold everything. And not only based on that article, cause I agree that a lot of analists just write trash. But if you visit the USO site it’s stated there too. Do what you want with the information, but as long as there is no new FCM agreement in place this will only go down.
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