$MRKR $SPY $IBB PRO TIP: No better signal you are on the right side of the trade than when you see a "cult following" of a stock that are severely underwater "block" a person with simple charts showing the severe downtrend and bearish see, dear friends, it is precisely this people that do not want to see that sort of thing for it is that sort of thing that briefly tells them "they really phuuucked up" by buying at higher prices and holding for years with nothing to show for it whilst other biotechs are enjoying one of the biggest melts rallies in memory. It simply makes them feel stupid...and rightly so. So, they "block" anything that resembles a reality check and quickly pivot back to thinking of unicorns, rainbows and all of those wonderfully colored skittles. Let's take another look at the $MRKR chart, shall we? $MRKR cult peeps still can't see it...LOLZ
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