@LawrenceCaptialgains Until one of these days, people realize no one gives a fu** about EV, electric shit, when 90% of the world is living on dollars a day ffs and driving toyotas... Give me war or give me oil, but stop the hippie musk cult that even $BP 's CEO seems to have fallen for... dumb fu** "let's go green, yeah, oil sucks" dude, go join fucking green peace, I'm seriously thinking of switching my BP holdings to Chevron, at least they don't care about the GWOT, we're stuck with the hippie ffs... and he doesn't get the hippie love either... lose-lose situation, if you've read my posts, you know I support $BP but when I read the dick's remarks, he should be chilling at an Irish pub instead of speaking... at least say something like "we have tons of cash and will continue to rob countries, while we continue researching alternatives for those worried about the future" Fuckers, gotta email/call, and piss on them.
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