$CDEV thanks for the bone!
$CDEV I’ve seen a lot of chart reading bashers post about how low the stock was headed in last few weeks. However, I haven’t seen any of them ever discuss “why” CDEV’s stock fell so low recently. I’m assuming it’s because none of them actually understand how to analyze oil exploration firms So let me throw you lost dogs a free bone. Any banking analyst that’s ever covered oil stocks could easily spot that CDEV has taken a beating due to weak-hedges. Now, while this looks like weakness, a deep dive of what CEO/COO are doing is optimizing operational costs to the point where cashflows from hedges aren’t needed to stay in business at current oil prices (aka..CDEV 2.0). This is something that some of their peers can’t do Read Q2 call where CEO says “we want to give our investors some UPSIDE EXPOSURE” when he was asked about low hedges because hedges may hurt an oil company’s borrowing base. Essentially, when prices rise and with low hedge/operating costs, CDEV will 🗡 all shorts😈
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