$SEAC Sorry to the longs. Terrible news yest after the bell. But not unexpected given the negative commentary about the current quarter on the last CC. Maybe people didn't think the quarter would be this much of a disaster. They're forecasting fiscal Q1 revenues to be below last year. And the year ago Q1 was an awful quarter with only $8.4M in revenues. So Q1 revenues this year will be below $8.4M. Down sequentially from over $19M in revenues in Q4. Ouch. Good luck to those buying below $2 for a bounce. It might in this incredibly buoyant market. I'm staying away. Still have no clue what management was thinking with SEVERAL pumpy PRs in March & April. When they knew Q4 was going to miss estimates and business was falling off a cliff. They tried to paint the picture that SEAC was benefiting from the lockdown, when it was actually quite the opposite. I'm surprised no shareholder lawsuits yet. They'd have a strong case imo
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