$AMD PREDICTION: the run from $54 to $86+ will be just as fast as ... ...the run from $15 to $36 ...the run from $34 to $59
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@hawk86 a question for you hawk. if nvda posts good numbers why amd should go up? usually competition going up make other red. or would be up too just because excitement the same field?
@AllManipulated they are playing in similar market segments, have their own unique strengths, and also jointly make products. You can’t be bullish NVDA and not also be bullish $AMD Game consoles exclusively Nvidia: Nintendo Switch Game consoles exclusively AMD: Sony PS4, Sony PS5 Xbox One, Xbox Series X Game clouds exclusively Nvidia: GeForce Now Game clouds exclusively AMD: Google Stadia Microsoft xCloud. Smart phone GPU deals: Samsung just partnered with AMD Radeon. Nothing for Nvidia. Software, self driving cars, AI market: NVDA has proprietary software and CUDA cores that are industry standards in some areas that AMD has difficulty positioning their open source solutions. Edge NVDA for now. Overall GPU market is shared between AMD, Intel and Nvidia, Nvidia in more laptops, AMD has all Apple products, desktop GPU high end NVDA but AMD RDNA 1+ is pulling in the low-mid range market. AMD and Nvidia are now working together on various laptops and server platforms: