$HCMC $HCMC #HCMCgang Tomorrow will be the last day before the 90 day state deadline. Maybe the Rights Offering shares will increase the volume today, and push for a spike. Something is definetly brewing. Why would HCMC give up billions of shares to give us a little 0.0001 jump after a series of barcoding and falling? Certainly the CEO was ready to jump in with the Rights Offering money so it wouldn't be a loss to give those shares up before possibly buying back the entire float if the ruling is negative to save us instead of there having to be an R/S OR if the judge's ruling is positive, and he still helps us out + we get a major catalyst (130 like last time or 260 from growing at least 2X February's volume by then)??! I've been sleepless thinking this through. Just thoughts so do your own DD and add it to your watch list if you don't own this baby STAY TUNED TODAY.