$HPIL hello again @nothingontv , did your mom call you for your hotpocket?? I hope you tell me how many shares you have of HPIL. Dont burn your tongue on the hotpocket. GO HPIL!!
@heisenburgg @Gotyu your logic is pretty hilarious. I’m down in one random stock so I’m bearish on another one? Yes I’m down in Homu RN but not as much as you think be cause I take profits along the way. I’m good holding long and I’m sure in the long run Homu will pay off. Not down at all with hpil - made money initially on a few pumps early and made money shorting this. I’ll throw more money money in again one way or the other if I think it’s worth riding a pump or a dump. Has nothing to do with my opinion of SB though. I don’t believe in him, his track record or his technology. Doesn’t mean I can’t make money off him. I don’t invest in a lot of Pink sheet stocks because for the most part it is stupid to put your money in very low regulated and essentially non-transparent businesses. I focus on mainly reverse mergers or stocks with buyout opportunities. The people here dreaming of a being millionaires from their $2,000 investment are just kidding themselves.
@nothingontv @Gotyu I’ve gone over with this with you before. The evidence is in your comments. You were pumping HPIL when it was .006, then you said you sold when it went down to .002 a week later. You were wrong wrong wrong then and now you’re wrong again. You just said the other day it was going back to the .003’s. Wrong again. Then you said numerous times you are not shorting this. Then you said you won’t buy until the .002’s. Why are you here? Honestly it sounds like you’re a sore pathetic LOSER, who bought high and sold low. Here’s one example of many where you’ve been wrong, but some how you’re making money. 😂 Go back to pumping your bags up at HOMU. 😂