$ATZ.CA most underappreciated stock in the TSX lol. really knows the 14-30 year-old market and reliable 15%+ grower this decade. MGMT - CEO/founder born in a retail family, great owner-operator, ~20% ownership and majority voting rights. the team achieved every 5-year objective they outlined in the 2016 IPO - 15+% CAGR sales, 5-6 new stores & expansions / year, ~20% EBITDA and NI growth. PRODUCT - high pricing power & best of both worlds positioning. appeals to mass market & high-end markets. RETAIL - best-in-class experience. loud music & elegant merchandising. aggressive sales associates. high-traffic locations. $1460 sales/sqft in 2016, and same-store sales grew 24% in past 3 years. this is industry leading & comparable to lulu. BRAND - highly viewed. top celebrities wearing (without being paid). meghan markle, jenners, hadids. many sustainability & diversity initiatives underway. great social media and covid response, went tiktok viral. (1/3, CONT)
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