$VXRT New study that seems bullish on recombinant mucosal RSV vaccines. This uses a VSV vector which is different than Vaxart’s vector, but this would seem to support Vaxart’s potential for producing an effective RSV vaccine. New study: Mucosal delivery of recombinant VSV vectors expressing envelope proteins of RSV induces protective immunity in cotton rats Overall, mucosally delivered rVSV-vector-based RSV vaccine candidates induce protective immunity, and therefore represent a promising immunization regimen against RSV infection. ...In this study, we developed safe and efficacious vaccine candidates by expressing the two major immunogenic RSV surface proteins from rVSV vectors and delivered mucosally in a prime-boost regimen. The main immune parameter responsible for protection was the antibody response. These vaccine candidates induced complete protection of both the upper and lower respiratory tracts.
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