$VXRT Very interesting note by @Clecko! All of Vaxart’s prior BARDA Flu test PRs and presentation slides named Sanofi FluZone as who Vaxart was comparing their vax to in the Flu study. But, Interestingly the recent Stanford Flu study PR last week and the presentations (apparently according to Clecko) never once mentioned Sanofi FluZone. The Stanford correlates PR just mentioned words like “an injected quadrivalent” or “IIV”. They never said Sanofi FluZone… Very interesting given we know from recent presentations that they have ongoing partnership talks with Big Pharma and Sanofi’s Head of Legal US Vaccines has been liking Vaxart’s posts for months and FAST, like right after they posy. investors.vaxart.com/news-r...