$CYDY 13D supporters? If you think the FDA is above reproach as a FACT, and as a FACT judges each medicine on a level playing field one to another, then perhaps you are correct, perhaps our CEO let us down and perhaps Santa will bring us our next CEO with a carton of red licorice and a PS5. What a stretch to say that another "experienced" CEO would have found a way to make it happen as if every "experienced" CEO without fail, gets an EUA like they're picking up a Corn Dog at the Circle K on their way home to get gas. Look, you want to worship the FDA at the alter of their P-Value, go for it. I don't feel like sacrificing my common sense on it, and I definitely don't feel like performing a human sacrifice with Nader, the man that got us to this point in the first place. And why? So these 13 whatever's can take over, that seem to want the helm of the ship so bad, they'll destroy the hull, just so they get to be ones to grab the floating wheel. I vote to stay with the management we have.