$MMAT from Covestro presentation 2021. If you can’t watch the video all you need to know is all of our partners and potential partners are in there. Here’s some screenshots, check comments Covestro, Ceres, MMAT, and WayRay(potential partner) I think this is big. WayRay coming out with post? This Covestro presentation all about their AR Displays.
@RaemenSoups @Tradewinz I swear you both were hatched from the same egg somehow. Lol You understand that Covestro paid us deferred contract revenue for satisfaction of performance obligations? You get how business works, yet? We show our product works on theirs and we have certain requirements from that company and we must complete them all before we get paid. We complete the process and begin rolling out mass production. You get that these companies are paying us to begin commercialization, paying us for exclusive rights to distribute our product and gain from distributing our product. They ain’t gonna be like here’s millions of dollars I hope it works! 😂😂😂