$OPGN We have come out of the oversold range on the 3 month RSI today for the 3rd time since FDA approval. Is the 3rd time the charm?
@highwind_ I don't count $0.98 as part of a bottom. $0.96 and $0.9601 yes that is a double bottom. We also have a nice candle forming today and another nice one tomorrow would make a beautiful 3 white soldiers pattern if it happens. That would be a great sign and get some more eyes on this stock if people do a scan for 3 white soldiers pattern. Let's hope this is the turn we have been waiting for. Only time will tell at this point and I am not getting my hopes up yet.
@SoConfused @highwind_ oh the third bottom I was referring to was the .955. but looking back now the second bottom took place during PM and rebounded by open, didn't notice that at first. hopefully we do get the soldiers going into the webinar Thursday. I have a good feeling about this quarter.
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