$TGGI If I was the CEO, I'd submit the Super 8k next Tuesday, either before or after hours. I wouldn't do it before the holiday, since the holiday, short trading day and weekend would all spoil their momentum. I would aim to release it next week: 1. it would get rid of the shell status just before we hit the 30 day mark of consistent closing over a cent. 2. it would give 4 trading weeks for the price to grow and excitement to build before the next holiday - maximizing price potential. 3. it also lines up pretty well with the annual market shift to OTC. Converting before the migration would help them gather more of the investors than they would get with their shell status. If their goal is to uplist to OTCB very soon, and prepare to uplist to NASDAQ next year, they should make the move soon. If they want to hit their $3.5 end of year price target, they need to give enough time for word to get out and trading to drive up the price.