$FSLY so my stalker go hiding. He called me arrogant because i refused to be friend with him? Of course how could i be friend with that dumb, uneducated scammer mintardDD? Im not that hornie Lionmaster lol. We are not at the same level lol. He is just a high school dropout crackhead duhhhh
Lionmaster is a fraud, a pump and dump scammer who dump shares onto his followers for 10% gain. Im a top tier trader duhhhh..... i don't need social media to win, in fact, there are so many winning trades i will post later when im up 100% - 300%
Will not post my entries anymore, will only come to ST to flash gain. I bet MintardDD couldn't buy 100 shares of FSLY. My acct is small, i never said mu acct is huge, at least i can afford real shares, not some warrants, options blah blah blah