$ABUS see previous posts about snow and beers and middle tn (not too much snow here usually) I know everyone is focused on making $$$, BUT sometimes we need to laugh. I live on a small lake/pond and my wife and I were walking our Husky. The dog ran out on frozen lake but got too close to the fountain, and she fell in 20 feet from edge. and could not get out. I did my best learned scout's skills and spread eagle, slid out, and got out to her. When I pulled her out, the ice broke and boom both in lake. I pushed her out and then I tried to get out but ice broke again. I heard my wife scream and then she said...."Hold on....let me get a picture" as I was floundering in the frozen lake. I got out and walked back to house (5 mins) and went straight to the hot tub with a beer. All good. So don't forget to laugh, don't be too serious all the time, and let's make some $$$.