$BB good to see we will have BB here in the network and probably in the small Hyundai, Kia, Genesis, Ford, etc brands. Oh and I guess Verizon may also use BB for other things... Like athoc, secusuite, certicom ecc patents/encryption, asset tracking, phones (made by somebody else of course) BBM, Amazon enabled,... You get it. Tidal wave coming under the hood of alot of investment in the infrastructure side (and long term securing of that infrastructure) as well as the massive consumer boom that will converge on that game changing infrastructure revolution (5g smart everything with AI). I think the verticals John Chen has assembled across the turnaround is going to make BB a utility of the grandest scale, entangled all across the end to end stream, used by all of the individual suppliers that will be connected into that infrastructure.. And all paying some miniscule $ to BB as their entrance ticket to get to sell something in this, the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Zero Trust Security
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