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    Nick Pulido Joined Jan 27, 2014

    I dropped out of school to start my own company in 2005. Became a "Jack of All Trades" building a keen business understanding working for Marketing Agencies, Startups, My Own Lifestyle App Company, as well as a web hosting company. I'm a self taught


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      Steve Foxx
      I'm a trader who avoids the noise, manages risk, using weekly bars. I offer no predictions, only serious long term trades. What else is there? A careful examination of my list of losing and winning trades tells the complete story.
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      kk cee shaw
      new york asset management
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      Jean-Pierre Desloges
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      Dave Floyd
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      Chess Official Account
      Stock Market Chess Player. Poker Limit Hold Grinder. Cinéaste. Licensed Attorney. Si parla italiano. My Vice: Cigars.