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    Howard Lindzon Official Account Joined Jul 11, 2009

    Co-Founder and Chairman of Stocktwits, Founder of Wallstrip (Acquired by CBS); Managing Member of Social Leverage (an early stage fund) ...I have lots of ideas. Toronto boy.


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      Work hard & have patience to succeed.I am not a full time trader just trying to learn Day Trade.My thoughts are not advice,So please do your homework.
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      Iroquois Pliskin
      Kept you waiting, huh?
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      TheFly Official Account
      The Fly is a leading digital publisher of real-time financial news. The Fly team scours all sources of company news, from mainstream to cutting-edge, then filters out the noise to deliver short-form stories consisting of only market moving content.
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      Selerity Official Account
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      Bryan S.
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      Michael Harris
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      ValueWalk Official Account
      Official twitter feed of, evergreen and analysis on everything hedge funds and value investing. Under the radar smalll cap hedge fund ideas - check out our free newsletter
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      Carla Simmons
      Just a math/finance double major at USF trying to learn a thing or two about how to make it in the stock game. Yes, that's really me.
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      Tuberider Official Account
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      Alex Official Account
      Former Marine Grunt & DOD Intelligence Professional. Global Macro Trader, Vagabonder, and Founder of Macro Ops -- a global macro service that goes everywhere and trades everything.
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      Professional Market Consultant
      Giving the retail trader the upper hand over turbulent markets for success trading options, futures, forex and stocks. Delivering deep foresight and uncanny trend forecasting at critical inflection points. Contact me, your success is my priority.
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      I Trade like a Cheetah and a Sparrow. Sell To Collect Theta.....
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      Jim Tusk
      Trader since 1997 at !pah! Swing trade Gold. Options for indexes & top tech on high/lows. Futures at times (profile pic is where I go to chill and write in the evenings).
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      *Real Time Alert Right After Buy* Follow me at your own risk. Holding Time from 1 Min to Days. I will take small Gain/Loss quickly when it return back under the trend line, even point or breakout point.
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      Jason Jenkins
      We trade live together daily in my LIVE ROOM. Grab a trial at my site. Prior to founding Jenkins Risk Management, I was Head of Rates Trading at CG Capital. Before joining CG, I spent almost a decade trading US Treasuries.
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      Ploutus fund
      18 Years Trading experience , Started PloutusCharts to share my knowledge, we are up 18% since the start of the year (2017). 131% Return in 2016
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      Omid Ashtari
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      My investing style adapts to the market. Value + yield investor at heart. I base stocks on intrinsic valuation, not market valuation. Searching for developing monopolies + disruptors. Long only, but argue for and against both sides. Just make money.
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      Alexander Hamilton
      Macro/Value/GARP/Contrarian Investor&Trader. B.A. Economics / B.S. Engineering / M.B.A. Finance. Author of the US constitution. Creator of the US Financial System and the First US Central Bank. First US Secretary of the Treasury.