$SPY It's hilarious hearing these people talk about how "these people think if they don't like the results of an election they can take matters into their own hands" I present the Russia collusion hoax and ask why none of these people on CNBC ever smacked down those stories when there was no evidence to back it up? So far, very little evidence is shown of widespread voter fraud. But there has been evidence that there was indeed some level of voter fraud. There was not one shred of evidence that the President colluded with Russia. I'm not a Trump fan...but it's amazing how much of a double standard exists on the left.
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@laserray Congress didn't impeach Trump over the Mueller Report though. This is why Mueller didn't declare his innocence...he couldn't prove it one way or another. We live in a nation where you are innocent until PROVEN guilty. Let's just assume Mueller couldn't charge Trump. Then why didn't Congress impeach him over the findings in the Mueller Report? If it was so damning to Trump that his guilt was clear, then why didn't they impeach him over the findings of Mueller? Go ahead...I'll wait.
@Realist125 @laserray Fat Nixon is a loudmouth sloppy negligent criminal. he had too many enemies and too big a mouth. I actually agree on mueller but he couldd not take the losss as a win and still blew himself up. Fat nixon only knows how to go broke