$AAPL Good Morning. Today, Apple will make history. Apple, will introduce 5G, on ALL of it’s new IPhone 12 Models. Equally exciting & NOVEL, Apple will power these IPhones with chips used in its powerful Computer lineup. Making the IPhone 12, FAST. As fast, as the MacBook Pro. This is the time, to look around the AAPL Board. Separate, the wheat from the chaff. The sophisticated Investor, from the novice trader. Separate, the knowledgeable, from the lazy thinker. Most successful Investors in AAPL, learned long ago. Hold a core AAPL position, and do not trade it, own it.... Have a second “pile”, “House Money”...to day trade. That, is the literal straddle. Today, is an exciting day for AAPL!
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