$AAPL 🍏 Just way too much AAPL OpEx Volume....massive # of Contracts at uptick Strikes. WallSt Derivative Players, were “way off sides” and losses would have been catastrophic for some Firms...Most Contracts positioned before AAPL had its run up. Mkt Internals under the surface...were weakening. WallSt/MMs stepped in with an “assist”, allowing the Firms to mitigate there meal-positioning. Mkt does not want a repeat of Archegos type pressure through losses. Overall, the Mkt wide Dip, allowed the “Shorts” ANOTHER opportunity to Cover lower. Good luck with that.... Retail sacrificed, again. WallSt Derivative Player’s and WallSt Short’s Desparation, was palpable all week. Now, on to next week...one week to go until ERs.