$BNGO I really hope SB answers and says what on earth he's thinking by repeatedly saying 1. Agreeing that BNGO with Illumina can achieve today at reasonable what cost what he hopes PacBio will achieve in 2025, 2. Saying OGM does compete with LRS + SR and will continue to exist beyond 2025 3. Saying OGM NEEDS to and is best suited to replace cytogenetics ALL WHILST saying BNGO isn't a tech ARKS putting their money behind. Don't get me wrong, I don't care for ARK to invest in BNGO as every post from him confirms the value of what I'm already heavily invested. But him clarifying the above would give me some sense of assurance that my ARKG investment isn't in the hands of a madman cause Aunty is the only saving grace at this point.