$ARWR GOt a lot of responses to my post: 1. No I have not covered my short. Shorted at 70.05, 3000. Up 6000$ now, going lower 2. Love when you no fundamental idiots rationalize a biotech by saying its a development stage bio, PE doesnt matter. You just keep on believing valuation doesnt matter. 160x losing money, 100mm ish rev $7BILL mkt cap. Very funny (and no need to attempt toeducate me, I know when devel bio valuation doesnt matter...been doin this since you were suckin mama's you know.. I just initiated my position. Was clearly in a squeeze so make a couple pts here and there on a 3000 shares on way up. Toppy now...going lower. You will see a 65 test today. YOull see
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