$EBS people still posting the "fake" news about this CEO, this particular incident is not founded in any kind of reality and was in compliance with Rule 10b5-1(c), in this case he was wrongly vilified by mainstream media by someone who didn't understand SEC rules and regs imo. Millennials don't look into the legitimacy of a news articles nor vet them so you get this unfounded and fake outrage, just how crap is now. The plant issue I believe was JNJ putting too much pressure on an already maxed out facility but EBS took all the blame most apparent by the fact the AZN doses were fine. JNJ all but admitted as much as they stepped in to "help". When this fake outrage the shorts unscrupulously took advantage of wears off this is a rocket ship imo.
$EBS How is Robert Kramer not in Jail for dumping over 5M in shares right before the news broke of contaminated doses at Bayview? Clearly he knew this insider information and sold a huge amount of shares because of it. Cut and Dry. Hopefully there will be some consequences for him.
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