$GHSI 2020 Wishlist: Accretive acquisition/merger - Brings immediate sales $$'s to help absorb $6M annual cash burn, pay for it with shares. They have a 60% gross margin & only $500K of debt. Set up Mapcats wherever patents were (EU & Hong Kong) & will be approved (China/India/Korea) to further INCREASE Lumega-Z sales. Kick Areds Preservisions ass, steal some of their $400M in sales. Sell the CSV2000 to existing & NEW customers in over 60 countries where the CSV1000 has been the past 30 years. Kick start sales of Glaucocetin, no formula exists that can curtail this disease until NOW. Put New Hire to work to start selling/growing the Nutriguard business, give him MORE complimentary products via an acq/merger. Work on getting Lumega-Z & Glaucocetin to be sold OTC . If this ever happens, game over. Develop a business model to sell TCD solution products. Full on marketing campaign to tap into the $20B market that is out there.
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