$GHSI FAQs Is it a new co.? Yes How Long in Business? 9 mo public, 10 yrs private Are their products in Clinical Trials? No Are they awaiting any FDA approvals? No Can their products be sold now? Yes What products do they have? CSV1000 & CSV2000 plus a few more Vectorvision products, Lumega-Z, Glaucocetin, TCD, Mapcat, Nutriguard Are products proprietary &/or patented? Yep Where are their products sold? Worldwide Only US patents? No, also in EU, Hong Kong, waiting for China, Korea, & India. Any competition for Lumega-Z? Areds preservision with 400M annual sales & LumegaZ is superior Any competition for CSV2000? Nope, the CSV1000 been around 30 years in 60 countries & the CSV2000 is a digital patented version of it, rolled out in 4Q 2019 Glaucocetin? Just launched 6-4-19 combats glaucoma disease Mapcat? One of its kind for measuring MPOD Market? Yep, $20B is out there Delist date? 3-18-20, can get a 180 day extension to 9-18-20 Kick Ass Soon? IMO, F_ck yeah
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