$GHSI Products for sale NOW: CSV1000 Gold std for 20+ yrs CSV2000 Digital version of gold std CSV1000, Patented MAPCAT measures the macular pigment optical density (MPOD) Patented Lumega-Z is a regulated vision-specific Medical Food designed to restore & maintain the macular protective pigment. 4 x's more absorbtion than AREDs , AREDS does $400M sales Glaucocetin is the first regulated vision-specific Medical Food designed to support and protect the mitochondrial function of optic nerve cells in patients w/glaucoma TCD is a safe, non-invasive, & low-cost technique that uses a low-frequency transducer probe to assess intracerebral blood flow, w/in the brain and to the eyes. Studies have shown the ability of TCD to predict stroke risks as well as other cardiovascular events. TCD also can provide a measure of changes in ophthalmic artery blood flow, which is important to help evaluate the course of common eye disorders Nutriguard supplements w/acuMMUNE coming soon
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