@KimiK @BButcher I've heard a $100 production cost, minimum 2 units per vehicle (4 would properly equip the vehicle for 360° coverage)... $400 for 4 units (production cost) times 1.4 billion cars (replacing all vehicles worldwide [timeframe variable]) Equals 560 billion... If you sold them to OEMS for a mere $400 per unit (x 1.4 billion vehicles) that's literally 2.24 QUADrillion dollars (strictly referring to consumer automotive, no other applicable vehicles or scenarios) For a superior product, $400 per unit could be a low estimate AND falls well below competitors price point. (May need to check competitors price point because i have not researched that properly) ... that's like getting a fine scotch for the price of Jameson's. Who wouldn't want a superior product for cheaper (or even equal the cost of a competing product)