$IBIO VOTE AGAINST 4 and 6 on your proxy! Then there is THIS!!! For the Company’s fiscal year beginning July 1, 2019 and ending June 30, 2020, Mr. Isett will be paid a guaranteed bonus in the amount of $80,000. For all fiscal years beginning on or after July 1, 2020, Mr. Isett will be eligible to receive an incentive bonus of up to 60% of his base salary subject to achievement of performance criteria to be mutually agreed between the Board of Directors and Mr. Isett by July 31 of each fiscal year. Guess how many NEW members of the BOD are being added by/with the NEW CEO??? Don't bite the hand that feeds you! WE WANT RESULTS, not MORE DILUTION! Get the share price up and sell some of the NINETY MILLION you have left.... Remember they increased the Share Auth by 100 M and performed a 1:10 reverse split not long after in June 2018 !!!!
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