$IBIO Spinning my wheels: 13 year veteran and CONTINUING EMPLOYEE of Novartis, whose job descriptions within the company have included: - Global Head Respiratory Development Unit - Head Clinical Development and Medical Affairs, Cell and Gene Therapies - Head Medical Safety- Drug Safety and Epidemiology - Therapeutic Area Safety Lead - Global Project Medical Director - Executive Director ... is unilaterally appointed to the iBio board. It's not too wide of a jump to connect the aforementioned titles of Dr. Armstrong to: - IBIO-100 - Therapeutic applications of IBIO-201 (and IBIO-200, for that matter) - Toxicology studies - heck, even the AzarGen connection with the "global" experience. Also makes one wonder: While Novartis and iBio are orders of magnitude apart in terms of scale... aren't they essentially competing for the same market competing ...UNLESS THEY'RE NOT COMPETING, and we just don't know it yet?
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