$IBIO Over the last few years I've work on a strategy that has worked quite well so far. Do your DD, build up your position (20,000 at approx $1.45) and then leave it 6 months do not touch after the 6 months (which will be end of Sep) review if the SP has made 30% continue to hold maybe add more. Several positions I've held for 5+ years. Back in March it looked very promising, well some you win some you don't. It's been a rollercoaster for sure and can't see the remaining two weeks being any different Pump it up with a bit of well timed Fluff just to be brought back down (Dart was one thing ,god only knows where the other shares are coming from???) The most disappointing thing is so much emphasis has be put on this fella Tom excuse me even a fella running a corner shop puts a sign in the window to attract customers. All this secracy and talk of Gag orders come on (Tom you can't say anything except bits of Fluff) Enough of a Rant Best of luck to you true Longs with this and your Futur
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