Watchlist for tomorrow 🚨 $FTK up 20% in AH after approval of 2B contract. Has ton of room to the upside but first key level to break is 1.50. Support 1.30 $VRM massive volume with nice continuation in AH. Still very cheap IMO. Key level to break is 1.70. Supports 1.50, 1.40. $SKYH very strong day/week looking for a continuation. Big resistance at 10.50. Support 8.70. $FUBO looking for a gab fill very soon. Very strong day on volume. Key level to break is 3.55 $ZOM up 6% in AH after good earnings. On last warning it had a nice rally and I’m expecting the same tomorrow when volume starts coming in. Key level to break is .24. Support .2175
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