$NKLA listen I'm gonna break it down for the retard bulls on this board... Let's say the short report blows over and nothing comes out of it. Now, If you look at the balance sheet, you'll see Nikola has 700 million in cash and equivalents... Now, there supposed to be building a factory which "broke ground" almost 50 days ago but if you look at fly overs nothing has been done yet... Now, let's say they do do build that factory and how much you think would be the price tag on that factory? From following Tesla, a gigafactory was pretty damn close to a billion dollars to get up and running... But wait, didn't Trevor just ink a deal with GM where they have pay 70 million + all the materials to build the badger? How the eff are they gonna foot the bill for the factory and the outsourced badger production? ANSWER: Mass Dilution. What is current share count? if you wanna get this done barring the short report blows over, expect the OS the double if not triple as they run out of cash so fast.
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