$SPAQ Vehicle servicing: In today's automotive industry the OEM missing out on a lot of money for parts and servicing from aftermarket suppliers and mom and pop body and service shops. What the EV world is doing to the automotive industry will.unforrunately bury a lot of these service centers because they will not have the adequate tooling and equipment to service these high tech products. So yes what does happen when a vehicle requires servicing? Well same thing high end luxury and manufacturers with the look into the future are doing and that is "come to you" servicing. But where do they get serviced... Of course there will be service centers around the country when things get up and running and with the low cost of commercial real estate I see a big boom in coming in these mega companies starting to buy up real estate to be owned by the OEM and not "dealerships". Henriks vision is hard to comprehend because he is breaking apart an entire dated industry.
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