$SPAQ Got a new follower this weekend @DeBetaBull The guys a legend and is up 2034% YTD! Naturally, I had to give this guy a follow back when I see those kind if gains. So we were chatting a bit this weekend discussing the next big stock. And well what do you know! Were both in it..... and its.... SPAQ BABY!!! Big weeks ahead. Catalysts: 1. Cramer 2. Battery discussions and supplier information (investors want to know this because this is where Henrik failed before - this will restore confidence) 3. Merger 4. Prototype reveal (uphill drive) 5. Further discussions about solar panel potential And.... Much more... Happy to be trading with you @DeBetaBull Let's make some serious money now. 2034% will look like a joke after 1 year of holding spaq warrants!!!
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