$IBIO Here’s what we have folks: $IBIO -filed 4 new Coronavirus patents -Canceled reverse split (without news) -Updated their website for COVID-19 response -Hired new employees -NEW CEO (Amazing talent/ experience) Has great connections and partners. - DARPA / CDC - CC Pharming (biggest partner based in Beijing - working on a vaccine - Bill Gates Foundation - Texas A&M and UofTexas - United Therapeutics to produce rhCollagen-based bioink for 3D bioprinted organ transplants - Mateon partner added AI blockchain - Kenneth Dart: Billionaire biggest investor - $700M dollar CDMO bio manufacturing facility - BlackRock, Vanguard and 8 other tutes bought in the last month. - Ibio had 120 % Revenue Y/Y Growth Q1 2020 -PANDEMIC officially announced- IBIO is built for response by DARPA( the government) to aid in a pandemic. -Joined as 20th member of Alliance for Biosecurity with major players like Johnson & Johnson/Janssen, and Pfizer who works with Congressional committees πŸš€ 🌝 πŸ’₯
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