$AAPL According to $BABA owned retailer: 7.2% MoM revenue increase for May (!) The new shorts don’t understand the totality of this story. if Apple’s increasing command of multifaceted efforts is still a mystery - despite review of their 10k, latest conf call / presentations, analyst reports, etc. as a minimum - just look at your kids & grandkids. Apple is culturally ingrained and leading the modern digital world (no nkla exaggeration). Deservedly a favorite amongst institutional money and those seeking a long-term, investable asset... at least don’t stand against their aggressive buyback along w/ $NVDA , this continues to be our largest position. while it doesn’t need to burn white-hot w/ upside immediately, this will comfortably get to $400 “Apple’s growth is staggering considering that these numbers include COVID-19 time,” said CEO of WPIC. “Ultimately, it’s clear that Apple is a resilient company, and we’re keeping an eye on them to continue to grow over the back half of 2020”