$MSPC - Becoming a millionaire can sometimes take luck but it’s often a focused mind whose very essence is consciously calling this level of life changing wealth into existence. If being a multi-millionaire/billionaire were that easy, we would all be quitting our jobs and spending all day on the beach. So here’s a word of advise. Paid FUDsters in the media, bashers and even some close family/friends are the worst kind of dream killers because their purpose is to infect your energy with fear, uncertainty and doubt. Once inside, it’s only a matter of time before it takes effect. Yes I am a 🐳 but I can’t tell you how many multiple millions I left on the table when I first started trading due to outside & inside influences whom I allowed to infect my mind with FUD. You must get aggressive about protecting your dreams. They don’t know your vision, so don’t let them speak FUD into your life. #ThisIsYourMillionMaker #Think&GrowRich businesswire.com/news/home/... metrospaces.com