$AVXL Regardless of the results of the Anavex clinical trials, I believe some of its constant critics will claim the results are flawed. In fact, my belief is that such negative articles, posts, and twits have likely already been prepared, and will be launched soon after the results of the Alzheimer's trial are announced. I hope I am wrong, but if history is any guide, my guess is that I am right.
@TheLawman So far the only pivotal clinical trial using Anavex 2-73 was a failure. AVATAR, the adult RETT trial, failed to meet statistical significance. Yet it was Missling who misstated the results not the critics of AVXL. Despite claiming to shareholders that AVATAR results were spectacular, unprecedented, Missling declined to file an NDA. He has not even filed for "compassionate" use. Right now there is zero evidence that Anavex will be as successful with AD as Missling would have us believe.