$SDC I love this stock for LT as well as trading. I actually have been noticing more TV advertising by SDC . I have been accumulating as well as trading around this position, selling some as it goes from 7is to about 10 in the last few moves. Still holding accumulated shares at av pp sh of $7.30. Looks as if the drop to 7ish is a thing of the past. Any technical or chartist out there care to advise me on the new support and resistance levels (state in dollar amounts, not jargon, please). Thank you.
@Bluweed I like to watch levels so short term right where we closed today is a support level. Next I would target the high on 9/09 at 11.35. Longer term $10 was a hard area to break after 3 tries it finally burst thru. Solid as a rock at 10 bucks.