$UWMC everything looking great ready for the turn amigos! FIB 50% mark are suggesting $11.39 . As usual, see you in the bounce!🦋🐾🦁🐾
@Marcos7 haha yeah I have him and that other loser blocked. Not in the mood for the negativity these days I’ve already cleared some ridiculous numbers this year and am not going to let the worlds most emotional trader talk down to me. He brings nothing to the table idea wise if you’ll notice all his plays are announced after the company blows up and only very few times has he had any continuation. Remark alone made me 3X the mean national income, but then i gotta sit and listen to two psychos get all excited because they thought I was going to lose money on uamy...no thanks. (Side note made giant payday there too). I am cocky and that rubs non confident folk the wrong way. I got big respect for you a truly great player of the game and our girl pink for her thirst to better her trading and knowledge but not for the Johnny come lately scrotes type that up until 4 months ago was just a retail long holding rite aid and not doing this shit.
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