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    Chicago. Entrepreneur.


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      Izzy Slam
      Graduated in 1990 with engineering degree. Hated it. in 1997 I started buying Apple Stock under $6.00 Finished selling 2 yrs ago made $18 Mil Put half in FB at $28.-$35-I am now rich. ONVO will be big-least 10 yrs-$175
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      Market is hard to trade alone , with noise and distractions ,GTS eliminates this so if you're looking to learn ,share or gain a competitive edge on market awareness , join GTS , its a lifestyle not a sales pitch , try the 5 day trial no strings ! GL
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      Muscle Trading Tom Rooney
      I GIVE FULL PERFORMANCE DISCLOSURE! +303.5% max gains in March. Only the best calls via EMAIL & TEXT with trade plan & member community access - 300+ members strong! Unrivaled education services! Disclaimer:
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      Timothy Turenne
      Began working in financial industry in 1994. Added technical trading in 2002. Trading trends and swings full time. Primarily Canadian TSX composite stocks and select ETFs and commenting occasionally on US listings
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      28 / NYC based Investment Analyst. Follow and invest in a small universe of fundamentally strong, high quality, growth & value companies. Focus on "Margin of Safety", valuation, MOATS & timeless household BRAND names. Long Term Outlook (5-10 years).