StockTwits Enterprise

StockTwits Enterprise is a complete suite of tools built specifically for managing financial communications through social media, providing effective social media messaging solutions for all sizes of public companies.


StockTwits created the $(TICKER) tag that is now the standard across social media. StockTwits Enterprise enables public companies to claim their ticker and leverage a powerful suite of tools to share their financial news in real-time from an official, verified account. StockTwits Enterprise messages reach institutions, analysts and investors of all types on, through automatic social sharing on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and across the StockTwits Distribution Network, which includes leading financial information providers such as Yahoo Finance,, CNNMoney and many more.


Message Prominence.

Your official corporate news and updates will be prominently displayed at the top of the message stream on your ticker page. This ensures your company messages always have the highest priority, encourages social sharing and signals to investors that the company is providing updates through this channel and is managing their social presence.


Customized Ticker Page.

Customize your ticker page by providing a description of your company, contact information, Safe Harbor Statement and links to your corporate web properties that will direct traffic back to your website. Also, leverage our unique partnership with SlideShare to display your latest corporate presentation on your ticker page.


Drafting & Scheduling Queuing.

Draft messages in advance, and place into a queue for future dissemination. This is especially valuable during an earnings call, as your messages are available for dissemination with just one click!


Automatic Posting via RSS.

Our RSS tool allows you to save time by automatically posting your press releases and blog posts to your ticker page via RSS feed. This powerful feature allows you to focus on higher value-added messaging.

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