$BCRX here's what I have on the novartis vs 9930 comparison on Hb levels: Iptacopan: 25/100mg dose: mean increase of 2.67 g/dl 50/200mg dose: mean increase of 3.2 g/dl 9930: 400mg dose: mean increase of 4.3 g/dl 500mg dose: mean increase of 3.1 g/dl Comparison: 25/100mg dose to 400mg dose: 9930 has 60% more efficacy 50/200mg dose to 400mg dose: 9930 has 34% more efficacy I'm just a number cruncher so I have no idea if this is considered significant for Hb levels. Also I'd suspect the 400mg dose results with a larger sample size will not be as good. Unless there's some scientific explanation why the 400mg dose can have better results than the 500mg dose. So this is likely apples to oranges. Have at it scientists.