$BRG.X Hypocrisy at its best! Check out all his post and see how many times he shilled BRG.X on other boards! I guess we pick and choose who can shill and who cannot huh!
$QNT.X šŸ’„šŸ¦† Come check out $BRG.X āœ… Life Changing Dividend payout in BUSD every 6 hours with volume. New option added today (BTC or ETH) āœ… Low supply (70,000,000) āœ… Anti-Whale cap: 1,000,000 tokens. āœ… Fair launch. No friends or family favors. āœ… Devs each hold 1,000,000 & haven't sold and might never sell. āœ… Donation wallet (Dev will never sell and donation is from BUSD dividends only.) āœ… Certik Audit funded by the community. Happening January āœ… Developing an Anti-Scam Exchange (Think pancake swap but with morals) āœ… Developing DApps āœ… CEO and Devs are transparent in AMAs āœ… Partnered with CryptoPR for marketing āœ… Growing organically and not on hype. (Still early) āœ… Small but active community with the same goal in mind. Stop the rug pulls. āœ… CEO already Doxxed with Blockcast.cc before AMA. poocoin.app/tokens/0x0e2114... bridges.exchange/
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